M.Soc.Sc, MBA, Certifed Progress Coach

Kristiina Pääkkönen

I am an educated business coach and a marketer with with a strong entrepreneurial background. 

I have 20 years of experience in developing organisations, marketing and sales, with 10+ years as an entrepreneur, as well as positions in several startups.

I can coach you to success or through the hard times. I have experience about hundreds of individual coaching customers and over 500 companies.

I can coach you online or we can have a meeting in Helsinki.

Customer Feedback

"The success of the crowdfunding campaign for the "Puhutaan suomea" magazine can be primarily attributed to Kristiina's active advice and support. Her extensive social media knowledge helped us deliver a consistent message to our funders throughout the whole campaign. Kristina's persistence and follow-through attitude are valuable traits that anyone seeking Kristina's collaboration will benefit from."

"Kristiina is a highly devoted person with expert crowdfunding knowledge. She possesses the needed knowledge and real life experience, the networks and the important marketing and social media communication skills. She is easy to communicate with and definitely knows how to coach and motivate an entrepreneur on the subject field in order to make a campaign succeed."

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